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Ultrasound Therapy and Treatment

Sunnyvale Imaging Center now offers the best in Ultrasound Therapy in the Silicon Valley Bay Area.Ultrasound Therapy Our ultrasound technology is the state-of-art way to conduct ultrasound rehabilitative treatment in Sunnyvale and surrounding Santa Clara and Bay Area regions. Ultrasound therapy is a treatment applied by physicians or physical rehab therapists, to treat different chronic pain issues and to increase the healing of damaged muscle tissue and cells. Although the application of ultrasound treatment can help reduce a patients' pain. The treatment is not as effective if the patient suffers from one of the following ailments: bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, myofascial, osteoarthritis pain caused by scar tissue, phantom limb pain, sprains and strains.
A patient can expect the following if a doctor or physical therapist has recommended an ultrasound examination in the Sunnyvale, Bay Area..

Forms of Ultrasound Therapy

The two types of ultrasound therapy that are commonly administered are thermal & mechanical. Each utilizing sound waves created to penetrate soft tissues. The rate at which sound waves impact muscle tissue is the difference between the two ultrasound therapy methods.

Thermal Ultrasound Therapy

The thermal form or method of ultrasound therapy, utilizes more of a continuous signal activity of sound frequencies. These frequencies or sound waves, engage a microscopic vibrating within deeper muscle and tissue molecules, This raises temperature as well as friction or interactive tensions, within the muscle tissue. The temperature change in the muscle tissue (or warmth in the muscle) enables softer tissue healing by raising the metabolic activity of the cellular tissue.

Mechanical Ultrasound Therapy

The mechanical form or method of ultrasound therapy utilizes sound waves pulsations to engage muscle and cellular tissue. This can have a small warmth or temperature rising effect on tissue, it more importantly creates an expansion and contraction dynamic within very small bubbles of gas within the soft muscle and cellular tissue. Aiding a decrease in inflammation, while lowering swelling to manage and eliminate injury pain.

Which Ultrasound Therapy is for me?

Choice of ultrasound therapy for each patient is contingent on the injury and patient's state. Patients suffering from forms of myofascial pain, or injuries that like strains or muscle sprains that haven't been allowed to heal properly, the physician should probably use thermal ultrasound therapy. When a patients' pain has been influenced by scar tissue or swelling as the source of the condition, as we see with conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, then the patient is more likely to see positive results with mechanical ultrasound therapy.

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